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About Tsunami Tsolutions

Tsunami Tsolutions is a turnkey business solutions provider. We are a team – several teams actually – of subject matter experts that together deliver Engineering Support, Technology Solutions, Outsourcing and Systems Production Support in the Aerospace industry, as well as other industries and businesses.

Through our years of experience in Manufacturing, Engineering, After-market Support, and Corporate IT, Tsunami Tsolutions has gained a comprehensive and wide-ranging understanding the numerous challenges encountered by businesses in today’s rapidly changing environments. Our clients consist of small to Fortune 100 businesses. Our continually expanding experience is fundamental to our ability to develop successful strategies for real solutions in today’s environment. Our focus is on your organizations business requirements, goals, and objectives, then provide recommendations for the best way to implement our combination of products, services, and technical experience to solve your challenges.

We are more than technical suppliers. We are solutions experts who will support your problem solvers to identify opportunities that will improve your organizations efficiency, productivity, and communications.

Our one simple goal is to provide clear, easily implemented solutions to match your business requirements. If you have fast approaching deadlines, limited resources, and/or formidable technology requirements, the Tsunami Tsolutions team has the resources, systems, and solutions to assist that will benefit your bottom line and keep you competitive.

Quality Policy:

Tsunami Tsolutions is dedicated to providing our customers with on-time delivery of high-quality solutions that meet all applicable requirements. The Tsunami team strives to be the best at what we do by continually improving our processes and Quality Management System.

Tsunami Tsolutions Quality Management System

 Our Quality Management System: Operational Reliability Continuous Advancement (ORCA) ensures these expectations will be met. As part of ORCA, testing and verification is a combination of both in-house and customer requirements of compliance. The process involves steps to ensure design meets specification; to identify and resolve issues and variances early in the process; to ensure the supply chain is robust and responsive; to ensure development meets design; and to test thoroughly throughout the process including a rigorous routine of acceptance tests and rigorous iteration review and demonstrations that have been commended by demanding defense and commercial aerospace customers.

 Corporate Mission Statement:

We deliver adaptable solutions and outstanding support for our customers. We always strive to build advocates through industrious efforts and a belief in the power of people to solve problems.  This is achieved by living to our Company Mission and Core Values.

Vision Statement:

Be the first choice of our customers by partnering to solve problems using the right tools and expertise.

 Core Values:


  • Be a great team
  • Create advocates in all aspects of our business
  • Learn and grow as part of our work


  • Continually improve how we do business
  • Maintain agility in our approach
  • Keep compliant with best practices and regulation 


  • Strive to root out defects from any work we touch
  • Be excellent communicators
  • Provide the most value possible