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Network/Systems Administrator

Tsunami Tsolutions

Job Title
Network/Systems Administrator
Technology Solutions
Glastonbury, Ct
Standard: 9am to 5pm

On Time Call Required
Reports to
Vice President, Technology Solutions
TT Salary Tier
How Many open positions to fill
Skill Level

Mid – Sr

General Description

The Network and Systems Administrator will maintain, upgrade and provide support for servers, software, hardware and networking equipment. They will plan the future growth, expansion and security for all of our networks and systems. Will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining our current systems and keeping the IT support staff updated on the latest tools and processes including researching and implementing new technologies and processes when necessary. Will provide IT support staff and companywide training on important topics such as security and softwaresystem usage. This individual should be able to diagnose and resolve problems quickly and be available to respond to high priority requests after hours. Ability to communicate highly technical concerns, solutions, ideas, technologies and enhancements to non-technical customers, end users and leadership will be important for all applicants to this position.  The Network and Systems administrator is also responsible for testing computer systems, ensuring business continuity, implementing and enforcing security principals and technologies, keeping all systems up to date and ensuring compliance with all contracts, regulations and adopted standards. Preference will be given to candidates who have experience at the enterprise level, system and networking abilities with a strong background in cyber security and be able to work efficiently and communicate effectively with others within the organization and their customers.


Documentation and Training

·         Establish and maintain best-practice and instructional documentation

·         Maintains and ensures accuracy of system and network documentation.

·         Training new users and IT Staff and company in IT principals, use of new systemssoftware and cybersecurity.

·         Assure adherence to change management and control processes

·         Develop, review and recommend security policies, standards and procedures


·         Perform security and vulnerability assessments and ensure compliance with best practices and industry standards as defined in the NIST 800-171

·         Understand and maintain strict data security and encryption for the network. Ensure that all data is protected both while and rest and in transit. Maintain organizational SSL Certificates, ensure all data is encrypted, monitor all systems to ensure they are healthy and free from any attackmalware, ensure up to date anti-malware software on all systems.

·         Keep up to date with the latest vulnerabilities and attack vectors and ensure that systems are protected against them by monitoring for possible attack, upgrading and patching systems and conducting penetration tests of the network. Make security recommendations to leadership regarding new technologies and methodologies.

·         Ensure up to date security documentation and training.

·         Create, Manage, Test and train the Disaster Recovery Plans to ensure business continuity.

Networking and Systems Administration Tasks

·         Design, configure, test, maintain, patch and upgrade the network systems, software and hardware in a Microsoft Networking environment. Including DHCP, AD, DNS, LINUXUNIX Servers, Windows Servers, Web Applications, Proxy Servers, Sonicwall firewalls, Cisco and Brocade Switches, Static IP Address Assignments and network cabling.

·         Continuously Monitor network and systems for health, usability, uptime, security and ensure working backups.

·         Ensure compliance with all contracts and agreements pertaining to the IT Department including understanding and ensuring compliance with End User License Agreements and maintaining Software Licensing compliance.

·         Engage in regular troubleshooting activities of all systems and networks


·         Build project plans and schedules that will manage hardware and software lifecycle and the replacement and upgrade of obsolete or inefficient systems.

·         Manage various IT and Non-IT Suppliers, get quotes, review and renew contracts and submit purchase requests.

·         Report to leadership on the budgetary needs and usage for the IT Department.

·         Create, recommend and execute various approved project plans on strategic initiatives and report the status of those projects to leadership.

·         Conduct Research and Design activities while working with leadership and end users to determine requirements, future needs, new technologies and enhancements. Create business cases with Return on Investment studies for all new technologies, enhancements and needs. Deploy and integrate new technologies with existing systems.

Position Requirements
·         Must have a bachelors in computer science, network engineering or similar field OR 7 years of experience in network engineering or systems administration.

·         Must possess excellent communication skills and the ability to communicate highly technical concepts and ideas to non-technical colleagues and customers.

·         Must be patient and have the ability to maintain focus and a great attention to detail.

·         Must be a self-starter and able to work independently, but also be able to communicate and work cooperatively as a team and team leader.

·         Will be required to troubleshoot various complex systems and needs to have a methodical, patient and on occasion creative approach to problem solving.

·         Possess and maintain up to date knowledge of the concepts, software and tools for Advanced Networking (LAN, WAN TCPIP, IPv4, IPv6 and other networking protocols), Operating Systems (LINUXUNIX, Windows), Server Virtualization (vSphere, ESXi, HyperV), Cloud Computing (Microsoft Azure), Windows Network Systems (DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, Certificate Services), General System Administration, Web Based Applications and Middleware Management and configuration, security principals and newly discovered vulnerabilities and remedies.


·         Must be willing and able to pass a background investigation and drug screening

·         Must pass all required legal/background checks.

Preferred Qualifications

·         CCNP, Security+

·         Communication of changes to systems and outages.

·         Automation maintenance tasks to ensure a streamlined IT Department.



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