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Business Services

Total Solution

Our Business Services are often included in a package with elements from our IT, Engineering, and/or Production Support services to deliver a total solution to complex challenges. However, they are often delivered à la carte to address specific questions where the answers are buried in the customer’s existing data sets.

Tsunami Tsolutions - Business Services

Financial Analysis

Tsunami Tsolutions has a team of business analysts capable of evaluating invoice and cost data to determine primary cost drivers related to customer products.  We support development and maintenance of customer processes to target and track cost improvements for these products.  Services include:

  • Breakdown of invoices and cost data into groupings and categories
  • Identification of overcharges
  • Identification of charges that can pass through to customers or suppliers
  • Identifying charges that can be reduced or eliminated due to proposed improvements
  • Full reporting of financial summaries

Data Analysis

Our experts work with customers to gather and analyze all types of data to support studies for forecasting, billing and identification of improvements to assets or operations.We have the ability to work with existing customer data systems or to develop and support new IT systems to collect and sort data.  Services that we provide include:

  • Data gathering and sorting
  • Data cleansing and formatting
  • Data modeling and analysis
  • Clear and concise results reporting
  • Development and/or support for associated IT tools

Logistics and Inventory Management

Our team has experienced experts to work with customers in all operational aspects of logistics and inventory management.  We work with small customer developed management systems up to major tracking systems such as SAP, to monitor inventories, prepare and track shipments, and manage work orders and invoices.  We provide services that focus on:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Shipment preparation
  • Document preparation
  • Shipping carrier coordination
  • Work order and invoice management and closure
  • Quality and Non-conformance management