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Power Generation

Multiple Platforms

Tsunami Tsolutions provides Engineering and IT support across a wide range of power generation platforms. In the Aerospace industry we support OEMs and users of large and small gas turbine engines that power aircraft flight and maintain the environmental systems needed to maintain comfortable and safe passenger cabins. For land based applications, we support the OEMs and users of Fuel Cells that power vehicles or generate electrical power, and also support OEMs and users of land based turbines that are used to generate electrical power.

Institutional Expertise

Whether used for flight, land based, or at sea, our support principles for manufacturers and users of Power Generation products are the same. Tsunami Tsolutions strives to use our extensive knowledge and experience to help customers build and/or support IT tools and processes needed for them to cost effectively run their businesses. We are always focused on delivering on our commitments, and we are enthusiastic to accept challenging or difficult projects that other companies may be hesitant to support.